ECCO-Production, ECCO-IcES, and

Friends (SOSE, GECCO2, …)

Joint Project Meeting

16 to 18 May, 2016

MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139


Monday, Tuesday: Gilliland Auditorium, Room 66-110


WEDNESDAY: Green Building, Room 54-915



Meeting live via WebEx (UPDATED LINK TUESDAY!!!).

Instruction and access information are provided here.




Monday, May 16


8:00 - 8:30: Breakfast


8:30: Patrick Heimbach: Welcome/Intro/Logistics

--- Overview of global decadal ECCO efforts ---

(Chairs: P. Heimbach)



8:50: Gael Forget: ECCO v4: Product overview, description of novel features, data, and releases


9:10 Ichiro Fukumori & Ian Fenty: ECCO v4: forthcoming release 3 – overview of main updates


9:30: Detlef Stammer: GECCO2 and related activities


9:50: Dimitris Menemenlis: ECCO-IcES overview


10:10 - 10:30 BREAK

--- Sea level science ---

(Chairs: D. Menemenlis)


10:30: Rui Ponte: Accelerations in global and regional sea level and the recent surface warming slowdown


10:50: Chris Piecuch: Forcing of decadal variability in subsurface temperature and sea surface height north of 5S in the Indian Ocean


11:10: Xinfeng Liang: Change of the global oceanic vertical heat transport after 2000


11:30: Maike Sonnewald: (Linear predictability of regional sea level) tentative


11:50: Steven Nerem: An Overview of the Objectives of the NASA Sea Level Change Team


12:10: End-of-morning discussion


12:30 - 1:30pm LUNCH BREAK


--- Ocean circulation variability & change ---

(Chairs: G. Forget)



1:30 Nadya Vinogradova: Recent changes in the ocean water cycle and surface salinity


1:50: Martha Buckley: The deep North Atlantic circulation in ECCO v4


2:10: Christopher Wolfe: Intrinsic mode of interannual variability identified in an ECCOv4-like model


2:30: Katherine Quinn: Ocean angular momentum from ECCO version 4, release 1


2:50: Ryan Abernathey: Online Diagnostics of Water Mass Transformation in MITgcm


3:10 - 3:30pm BREAK


--- Ocean circulation variability & change (cont’d) ---

(Chairs: C. Hill)



3:30: Raffaele Ferrari: Abyssal circulation


3:50: Ali Mashayek: Topographic Enhancement of Turbulent Mixing in the Southern Ocean


4:10: Armin Koehl: Parameter estimation in the ocean; coupled estimation with PLASIM


4:30: Gael Forget: ECCO v4: parameterized and resolved processes


4:50: End-of-day discussion


5:30pm ADJOURN



Tuesday, May 17

--- Coupling ECCO to the cryosphere ---

(Chairs: I. Fukumori)


8:00 - 8:30: Breakfast


8:30 An Nguyen: ASTE - status and updates


8:50: Cilan Cai: Modeling of subaqueous melting in Petermann Fjord, Northwestern Greenland using IceBridge data and a numerical ocean circulation model


9:10: Alan Condron: Simulating icebergs in MITgcm & results from Greenland meltwater experiments


9:30: Yoshihiro Nakayama (presented by D. Menemenlis): Amundsen Sea ocean, sea ice, and thermodynamic ice shelf simulation with optimized model parameters


9:50: Helene Seroussi and Eric Larour (presented by D. Menemenlis): MISOMIP experiments

10:10 - 10:30 BREAK


--- Emerging applications ---

(Chairs: M. Mazloff)



10:30: Lee-Lueng Fu:Internal wave signatures in sea surface height: A challenge for the SWOT Mission


10:50: Carl Wunsch: Inertial-internal wave problems in ECCO’s LLC4320


11:10: Ibrahim Hoteit: Red Sea Modeling


11:30: Dan Amrhein: Towards an LGM state estimate


12:20 – 1:30pm LUNCH BREAK


Discussion ECCO needs, synergies, challenges, roadmap

(Session Chairs: B. Cornuelle)


--- ECCO roadmap(s) ---


1:30: Ichiro Fukumori: The new ECCO “follow-on” - review challenges - PART I


1:50: Patrick Heimbach: The new ECCO “follow-on” - review challenges - PART II


2:10: Jean-Michel Campin: MITgcm status and plans


2:30: Ian Fenty: Progress on JPL global ocean adjoint state estimation at 25 km resolution (llc270)


2:50: Ian Fenty: Circum-Greenland circulation


3:00: Patrick Heimbach: AD in general & OpenAD in particular

3:10 – 3:30pm BREAK


3:50: Various: Connection between ECCO and other projects & programs


4:10: More/Open Discussion



Wednesday, May 18

Ocean acoustic tomography

(Session Chair: Patrick Heimbach)


8:00 - 8:30: Breakfast


8:30: Patrick Heimbach: Brief session Intro


8:40: Brian Dushaw: Ocean Acoustic Tomography: A Missing Element of the Ocean Observing System


9:00: Bruce Cornuelle: Assimilation of tomographic data


9:20: Brian Dushaw: Time series of temperature in Fram Strait determined from DAMOCLES and ACOBAR tomography


9:40: Hanne Sagen: Acoustic Tomography in the Arctic:  The UNDER-ICE and Arctic Watch Projects


10:00: Eric Rehm: T.B.D.

10:20 - 10:40 BREAK

Ocean biogeochemistry & ecology

(Session Chair: Dimitris Menemenlis)


10:40: Gael Forget: ECCO v4: water mass and tracer applications


11:00: Matt Mazloff: B-SOSE: A biogeochemical Southern Ocean State Estimate & SOCCOM


11:20: Stephanie Dutkiewicz: Ecological and biogeochemical modeling using ECCO state estimates


11:40: Monica Martinez: Understanding carbonate dissolution in ocean sediments


12:00 Dale Kiefer: Fishscape: Application of ECCO to the tuna fishery of the Eastern Tropical Pacific

12:20 – Adjourn